Best Online Dating Tips

Here you are, at, looking for the love of your life, some special girl to share your life with. You are 100% at the right place: this Ukrainian dating service fits this job perfectly. And as we know that Internet communication can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, we have gathered some useful online dating tips for you to ensure your success in meeting the right woman:

1. Indicate your aims. Yes, online dating is a cool tool. But it makes little to no sense to use it thoughtlessly. We can guarantee much more exciting results if you focus on a certain goal, be it a random hookup (not on this European dating site though!) or a serious relationship.

2. Know your taste. Clearly, you are attracted not to all women at once. Some may seem prettier than the others. Although, aside from looks, you shouldn’t forget about the inner world of a person. You’d better choose the character since you can always fall in love with looks if a person’s soul really speaks to yours.

3. Choose the platform. Here, at our Ukrainian dating website, we appreciate all kinds of mutual love. Nevertheless, some platforms may become a better fit for finding a particular type of relationships. Simply put, you shouldn’t presume that eligible women will use a hookup mobile app. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

How to Create a Dating Profile?

At, it’s all about simplicity and convenience. That is, managing your dating profile is as easy as breathing. But it doesn’t mean that, even if you don’t fill out your account carefully, your profile will attract dozens of beautiful women. Creating a perfect profile page takes a reasonable effort and some creativity. Here are some basics:

1. Add a photo. Answer a simple question: would you reply to messages from an unidentifiable page? Neither would women, and it’s totally understandable. What you need to do is to upload a nice up-to-date picture of your face without excessive retouch and accessories (big hats and glasses). Be sincere! Even if you don’t find your exterior classically fine-looking, others oughtn’t to share your ideas.

2. Fill out as much as possible. Don’t get us wrong: more is not always better. Writing essays regarding why each and every woman will be happy beside you is obviously too much. On the other hand, filling out all the necessary information may help your potential partner choose you among hundreds of other men using Ukrainian online dating services.

3. Specify your goals. It may seem apparent to you but it’s not always (almost never, to be precise) the case with women. Thanks to a great number of years that unreliable and ill-mannered men were hitting on girls with a single, easily-distinguishable aim, females normally don’t believe in your good intents. Don’t let them hesitate and prove your intentions with your profile information!

How to Start Online Dating Conversation

Since you have learned the basics of creating a perfect online dating profile page, we should better move on to the next step – making a first impression. In online communication, you don’t have much of a possibility to amaze with your looks and manners. All you’ve got to do is write a great initial message. Clearly, you can google some great online conversation starters. However, don’t expect your potential date to be amazed by the message she has probably received hundreds of times before. Sometimes a simple ‘hello’ can do a much greater job in making a good impression. We suggest you never use any outdated pickup lines. Having conducted numerous surveys, we found out that girls appreciate one-liners as little as straightforward sex offers.

There’s nothing wrong in being creative. Using the information you gathered about the girl from her questionnaire, you can write a message that will instantly click with her personality. As an Eastern European dating website, we know exactly how much women love to be heard and understood. As simple as that, you can show them they are worth appreciation.

Why Ukrainian Girls?

As you are here, you’ve probably figured out we are a Ukrainian dating site and, therefore, focus our efforts on helping men meet beauties from Ukraine. If you are asking yourself ‘why are they so obsessed with Ukrainian online dating?’, it’s totally reasonable. And we have a comprehensive answer to it:

1. Ukrainian women are appealing. Even though we suggest you don’t make decisions solely based on looks, but we also don’t try to pretend looks don’t matter. Of course, they matter, and in several different ways. Firstly, no-one wants to spend time with unattractive people. We don’t intend to offend anyone, it’s just a matter of taste. Ukrainian women are universally praised for their outer (and inner) beauty, so it wasn’t us who decided. Secondly, every man who has procreation in plans would prefer his children to be healthy, and an attractive appearance is often a visual indication of good health.

2. Ukrainian women are family-inclined. Haven't you been wondering why online dating in Ukraine is not that popular? The answer is rather surprising: girls from Ukraine are generally more interested in building a strong family and raising kids (while such people can rarely be met on the Web) than in pursuing a career. These Slavic gals are a perfect match for someone as eager about children and marriage as they are. But don’t forget that they are not only mothers and wives but also human beings with endless universes inside of them!

3. Ukrainian women are caring. It comes as no surprise that a family-oriented woman would be able to take good care of her beloved and relatives. Aside from just wanting to be caring, these beautiful personals are also thoroughly taught how to spoil their families. It’s a matter of traditionalism, and in Ukraine, it’s an integrant part of their mentality. You can be sure that the most tasteful dishes and warmest home atmosphere will become a part of your life you won’t be able to survive without.

Hope you’ll find true love at! Contact us if you need any additional information.